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FarmWorks Mapping

The software provides both basic and advanced layering functionality while maintaining a complete field record keeping system. Flexible to handle multiple types of hardware solutions, Farm Works Mapping allows you to make management decisions from yield data, soil types, soil test results, hybrids, and more.



The Mapping software can integrate with the Accounting software to provide one comprehensive management solution for your farm.




  • New 2012! Create variety maps manually or import them from most precision farming hardware.
  • Print yield-by-variety reports that summarize the performance of each variety across your farm.
  • View and analyze split-planting maps.



  • Utilize soil types, yield maps, or other data in creating simple variable rate prescription maps.
  • View and print product summaries to see total quantity needed to complete a job along with the approximate cost.
  • Use formulas for designing advanced variable rate prescription maps.



  • Layer variety maps with yield maps to establish yield performance.
  • Average multiple years of yield maps to discover consistently high and low yielding areas of a field.
  • Post calibrate yield data to fix mistakes in yield monitor calibration.



  • Create, edit, and manage guidance paths from popular guidance systems including all Trimble® field displays.



  • Create a map of target grids or zones and transfer the job to Farm Works Mobile.
  • Enter or import the results of soil tests and generate a map of the data.
  • Design a template for each soil lab import and use for multiple fields.



  • Find out which parts of the field are more profitable by combining precision ag maps with costs assigned to inputs. When used with the Accounting software, these costs are pulled directly from your checkbook. Profit maps illustrate which areas of a field are most profitable and can be used to assess the profitability of precision farming and other practices.
  • Create an unlimited number of mapping layers with easy-to-use drawing tools.



  • Set up clients, farms, fields, and crop/year enterprises for quick access to field records.
  • Enter crop plans for product ordering, budgeting, equipment usage, and employee allocation.
  • Utilize the scale ticket feature to calculate dry yield.
  • Maintain detailed equipment records and burn rate of fuel.
  • Print reports for seed varieties, restricted use chemicals, fertilizer usage, equipment maintenance, and more.
  • Submit data electronically for crop insurance.



  • New 2012! Utilize Bing™ Maps for drawing field boundaries or to display as background maps.
  • Display roads and streets for any part of the world.

System Requirements: 

  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or higher (includes XP, Vista, and 7)
  • 128 MB Memory
  • 50 MB Hard Drive Space