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Do you have years of yield maps gathering dust?


We use historical yield map data to assist growers in improving crop performance by creating maps that show within-field and within-farm variability. By understanding more about the long-term performance of field areas, you can then manage them more effectively and efficiently.


How does it work?


Many growers have several years of yield maps from combine and potato harvesters gathering dust and not being used to improve crop performance. SoilEssentials can take your yield data from any type of harvester, clean it up to remove bad data and create maps to both highlight within field variability and differences within farm variability. We then create multi-year normalised yield maps to identify areas which are consistently yielding better or worse than the field average. By identifying the underlying yield potential of fields we can create application maps to tailor inputs based on yield potential to ensure you get the best return on the cost of growing a crop.

Along with crop yield maps, many growers have many other unused datasets like elevation, soil fertility and analysis, soil conductivity, drainage and satellite and UAV imagery. This data can explain why some areas of fields consistently perform better than others, and also highlight where fields are under-performing compared to other, similar field areas. We can geospatially analyse, along with your crop yield maps, to highlight and explain your under-performing field areas, examine what can be done about them, then create VRA application maps to either correct the problem or to minimise the cost of growing the crop, and improving crop margins. 

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