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Methods of yield mapping different crops; Root and Combine, using Trimle FmX.

SoilEssentials Ltd can retrofit yieldmeters for almost any crop on almost any harvester and integrate them with your easy to use powerful Trimble FmX. The data can automatically be sent to the web via The Connected Farm and SoilEssentials Ltd can help you manage your data and improve margins by understanding the variability   

 The old adage goes "If you can't measure it you can't manage it". Take control of our output by measuring and mapping it. Understand the output potential of your farm. Trial different production systems in the most relevant way possible; on your farm.

 It is now simple to use your FmX  for yield  monitoring of  combinable and root crops.                                                                                           Your Trimble FmX gathers together the yield data and the GPS position and creates the map. If the crop being mapped is a combinable one, then the crop moisture is also recorded.

The map can be sent directly to your office or to the SoilEssentials Ltd GIS office. This can be done through Trimble Connected Farm, (the data is transferred direct from the FmX whilst it is still in the field). Alternatively USB data stacks can be used. There is always a small amount of tidying up of the data that needs to be done. This can be achieved using FarmWorks in your office or it can be done by SoilEssentials Ltd.

The resulting yield map will be a powerful tool to help understanding of farm output. It is also a nutrient offtake map. It can be used as a soil sampling guide and can be converted to an application map with a few clicks.

Used as a management tool, Yield mapping is an excellent method for testing systems on your own farm. For example when considering a new seed variety should be sown amongst your normal variety and taken to yield. This approach allows decisions to be made on your farm directly from evidence and is useful in every aspect of agricultural production.


Some of the features and benefits from using Trimble yield mapping:

  • Real-time variety tracking.
  • Load tracking.
  • Auto-cut width.
  • Flexible installation.

With Trimble Yield Monitoring, you can:

  • Instantly see how well the field performed.
  • Keep accurate field records for insurance and planning.
  • Share yield data between the Farm display on the combine, mobile handheld device, and the office connected with Farm.
  • Map and analyse yield area data within the farm.